Ramen on Wheels (Ja-Pin)

Their PHP 50.00 Gyoza is worth coming back.

Sumo Niku Unlimited Japanese Yakiniku @ Southmall 07.13.2019

The minute I saw this Japanese restaurant yesterday at the upper ground floor of Southmall, I wanted to try it right away. The price is just the same with restaurants offering unlimited Samgyupsal. What’s new with Sumo Niku is that they have this variant of beef rolled in Enoki mushroom and it will be aContinue reading “Sumo Niku Unlimited Japanese Yakiniku @ Southmall 07.13.2019”

‘Far From Home’ movie date with Kuya 🥰

Compared to Endgame, Far From Home is a chill kind of movie that I thought can be watched by an almost 4 year old toddler. And that’s what happened. Of all Marvel Superheroes, Spiderman is the most appealing to my Son, declaring that he’s the favorite. I’m more confident now that he can already appreciateContinue reading “‘Far From Home’ movie date with Kuya 🥰”


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