God needs you to understand ~

The mistake we make, too often, is we get discouraged in the delays. We think, “God’s not concerned about us. He would have been here by now. Does He even know what I’m going through”? The scripture says, “God sees every sparrow, every bird that falls to the ground”. How much more does He see…Continue reading “God needs you to understand ~”


At Burdwan, we came face to face with the hardships that a third-class passenger has to go through even in securing his ticket.’Third class tickets are not booked so early,’ we were told. I went to the Station Master, though that too was a difficult business. Someone kindly directed me to where he was, and…Continue reading “WOES OF THIRD-CLASS PASSENGERS ~ Gandhi”

Blue Energy Blend [b:strong]

Blue Energy Blend augments strength and endurance at the cellular level, increasing both stamina and performance. Potent antioxidants protect the body from damaging free radicals, while natural plant extracts increase metabolism, reduce muscle recovery time and inhibit inflammation, making Blue Energy Blend the perfect addition to your fitness routine. Order Now! • These statements have notContinue reading “Blue Energy Blend [b:strong]”


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