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Handmade Jewelry For You

Dower & Hall's much-loved Nomad jewelry range is full of organic, sculptural shapes complemented by our signature hammered finish. The hammered finish is applied by hand to each Nomad piece with a variety of tools, resulting in a cool and contemporary planished look. Each Nomad bangle is handmade in their London studio. Luxurious precious metals … Continue reading Handmade Jewelry For You

Blue Energy Blend [b:strong]

Blue Energy Blend [b:strong]

Blue Energy Blend augments strength and endurance at the cellular level, increasing both stamina and performance. Potent antioxidants protect the body from damaging free radicals, while natural plant extracts increase metabolism, reduce muscle recovery time and inhibit inflammation, making Blue Energy Blend the perfect addition to your fitness routine. Order Now! • These statements have not … Continue reading Blue Energy Blend [b:strong]