Mark Twain Riverboat

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Below video was taken when we were boarding the Mark Twain Riverboat, one of the rides in Tokyo Disneyland. This ride is just perfect when you just want to see the place without exerting much effort as you will ride the riverboat and you will get to see the areas near the river.

Mark Twain Riverboat at Tokyo Disneyland

We waited until 8 PM to get to see the Electric Lights Parade. We don’t know yet when we will be coming back in Tokyo so it’s better to maximize the day and experience how Disneyland looks during day and night.

And yes, the famous castle transformed to a more magical one during the night because of the colorful lights. Plus the colorful parade was surreal, those parades I only get to see in videos. I took a video of the parade and posted it in a separate blog. My eldest son was so happy to see Mickey Mouse in one of the floats. He was a big fan of the famous mouse haha.

My childhood dream to go to Disneyland happened at the age of 34 and I am no longer a child haha. But I made sure that my son’s dream will turn into a reality during his childhood.

We were tired as we stayed at the theme park for one long day but it was worth it. As I have said, I don’t know when we will be coming back to a Disneyland theme park so might as well experience the highlights.

Good thing we have booked the combo round-trip bus from Shinjuku to Disneyland and the Disneyland pass via Klook. We had a comfortable transportation to and from.

And as we were inside the bus, we can rest and wait for the bus to arrive at Shinjuku Prince Hotel, the drop off point nearest to Tokyo Plaza Hotel, the hotel where we are staying.

Tokyo Disneyland during the night
Tokyo Disneyland during the night

Klook Travel


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