Rian’s 4th Birthday Cake

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I have searched all over Facebook and Instagram to find the best fit for a cake supplier. My eldest, Rian, wanted to have a Paw Patrol inspired cake for his 4th birthday. Needless to say that he is a fan of the said Nick Jr. cartoon show and the whole canine gang especially Marshall. πŸ˜€

Going back to my search for the best cake supplier, I listed below criteria on my mind:

  • Aesthetics – or the presentation of the supplier’s previously made cakes or cake portfolio
  • Good reviews – this is where I gauge how the cakes taste even without tasting it myself haha
  • Accessibility – location should be manageable
  • Open communication – since my son wants a customized cake, the supplier should be very open to my ideas; and last but not the least
  • Affordability! πŸ˜€

I think the first and the last criteria are the more important ones haha

This is the actual cake that my son is dreaming of and Tip-top Desserts turned it to a reality!

I happened to see Tip-top Desserts in Instagram, their cake portfolio is great and beautiful. Most of the cakes posted in their IG account were made for kids’ birthday. Plus they make cupcakes, too! So big CHECK for the first criteria!

Tip-top Desserts’ IG feed

Also in Instagram, I have read some of the reviews in each of the cake post and there is always a comment saying that the cake was enjoyed by the buyer and/or their party visitors. Another CHECK for the second criteria!

Tip-top Desserts is located in Los Banos, Laguna which is 55 kilometers away from the place where we reside and 61.3 kilometers from Savoy Hotel Manila where we are staying on the date of delivery (one day before the birthday party aka family gathering). It is not really accessible that I can drop by anytime to pick up the cake so we agreed to meet up somewhere. They cannot go directly to the hotel because they commute by provincial bus from Laguna and the nearest feasible drop off area is in Magallanes so I have to drive around 7 kms to go to the meet-up place. Not accessible but we find ways, just a little effort for the dream cake to turn into a reality. ❀

I still admire Tip-toe Desserts for being passionate in serving their customers even though they have to commute for 4 hours back and forth from their place just to deliver the cake. Because if they happen to be lazy, they would just ignore my purchase request.

We communicate over direct Instagram messages and the conversation did not happen in just 1 day since we have to agree on a lot of aspects (price, design, packaging, delivery date, etc). I sent them the picture of the Paw Patrol cake that my Son personally chose and the cute cupcake toppers that I picked from Pinterest. So, I would give them a CHECK for giving time answering my inquiries, easy confirmation on the design and for being pleasant up to the delivery date.

I must say, they are the most affordable supplier I have talked to during the searching phase. I have inquired to around 7 cake suppliers and their offer worked better with our budget. So another big CHECK for the Affordability!

From left to right: Chase, Marshall and Ryder
From left to right: Rocky, Paw Patrol logo, Chase, another Rocky and Zuma
Please refer to the above haha
Some of the characters I wasn’t able to take a picture are Rubble (English Bull dog) and Skye (Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix who is the only female in the gang)

I ordered two-tiered cake (8×4 on the base and 6×4 on the second layer) plus 2 dozens cupcakes. Both cake and cupcakes are chocolate flavored. I paid for Php 4,000 in total with the breakdown as follows:

  • Php 2,600.00 – Fondant Cake
  • Php 1,000.00 – 2 Dozens Fondant Cupcakes
  • Php 400.00 – Handling/Delivery

So, there ended my search for Rian’s Birthday Cake supplier. It was a huge success because he really liked it! It was almost the same as the picture we sent as a reference. I liked it too because both cake and cupcakes were yummy, true to what I have read from the comments/ reviews. The cake is moist, the white layer filling in between tastes like milk and the fondant has about the right sweetness (not the cringy one haha).

If you would like to order from Tip-toe Desserts you may contact them in their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Below are the additional snaps that I was able to take during the party. Enjoy!

Second layer close up shot featuring Chase and Marshall. I really have to know them by their names to be able to relate to my son. Lol
First layer close up shot featuring (from left to right) Zuma, Rubble, Skye and Rocky.
The Paw Patrol logo and celebrant’s name and age are, of course, at the center.

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