Kuya Rian’s 4th Birthday

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My eldest son celebrated his 4th birthday with Nursery classmates and teachers at Immaculate Mary Montessori School. The little boy was so giddy when surrounded by the whole class as they sung the Birthday song while the kids got equally excited when he blew the candle.

As requested by my little boy, he wants to order the food from McDonald’s (his current go-to food is their mushroom soup and Shake Shake Fries). I’m having difficulty to feed him a healthier diet. I’m just hoping that he’ll learn to eat right as he grew older.

Original plan was to buy spaghetti and chicken meal but the fast-food chain cannot provide more than 18 orders of spaghetti so I decided to get the Happy Meal instead (chicken+rice+fries+toy). The kids all wowed when they saw the Happy Meal boxes so I thought that was the best decision. They were all happy carrying the HM box after the class. And there is no greater joy to see children with smiles on their faces. Silver lining it is haha!

Last year was his first time to celebrate birthday at School. I can remember that there was no time my classmates would sing the Birthday song for me as it falls on April and it is always summer vacation here in the Philippines. But I find it as a blessing in disguise because I really don’t enjoy too much spotlight or attention and at the same time, it spared my parents to prepare something for the whole class haha.

But now as a Parent, I would really try my best to at least give my son a small celebration to enjoy with the other children because I totally understood that these activities would build his confidence at a young age, which I lack when I was at the same age or even up to now. Every parent’s dream is for their child to be better than them.

This small birthday event at the School was just the start and we have all the rest of the weekend to celebrate. Looking forward for tomorrow! Yass! My happiness always starts to peak every Thursdays and at its lowest on Sunday night, I know every working adult can relate 😀 (the reason I am most of the time dolled up every Thursdays haha)

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So, below are the snaps inside their class. Enjoy!

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