My Little Boys’ First Dreamplay Adventure

We were able to buy Dreamplay vouchers during the PTAA Travel Tour Expo last Feb 2019 and used it during Enzo’s (bunso) birthday weekend last May 2019. Dreamplay is located inside City of Dreams Manila and described as a world-class and revolutionary approach to family entertainment. You can take the virtual tour in this linkContinue reading “My Little Boys’ First Dreamplay Adventure”

Mama Lou’s: Our Favorite Italian Resto

If we want to have an authentic Italian food fix, we go to Mama Lou’s BF Homes. We have also dined in their Solenad and Evia branches but what sets the BF Homes branch stand out among the other branches? First, it is closer to our residence at around 2-3 kilometers, just a 15 minuteContinue reading “Mama Lou’s: Our Favorite Italian Resto”

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